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Westcore Funds
Account Options
Lit No: WC801
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21102
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Additional Investment
Lit No: WC806
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21103
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Automatic Investment
Lit No: WC803
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21104
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Authorization to Convert a Westcore IRA
Lit No: WC221
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21105
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Distribution Options
Lit No: WC802
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21106
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
Coverdell Education Savings Account Application
Lit No: WC240
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21108
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
CESA Transfer of Assets
Coverdell Education Savings Account
Lit No: WC241
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21109
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
IRA Acknowledgement of Disability
Lit No: WC234
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21110
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
IRA Additional Investment
Lit No: WC807
Revised: 12/01/2016
Form ID: 21111
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Account App
Lit No: WC220
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21112
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Account App - IC
Institutional Class
Lit No: WC117
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21113
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
IRA Change of Beneficiary
Lit No: WC231
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21114
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
IRA Distribution Request
Lit No: WC232
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21115
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
SEP Contribution
Lit No: WC230
Revised: 12/01/2016
Form ID: 21116
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Traditional IRA / Roth IRA Transfer of Assets
Lit No: WC219
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 21117
Publish: 07/21/2016
Westcore Funds
Account Application
Lit No: WC105
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21118
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Account Application - Institutional Class
Lit No: WC116
Revised: 11/01/2016
Form ID: 21119
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Authorization to Recharacterize a Westcore IRA
Lit No: WC222
Revised: 12/01/2016
Form ID: 21120
Publish: 03/23/2017
Westcore Funds
Transfer on Death Registration
Lit No: WC804
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 28969
Publish: 08/01/2016
Westcore Funds
Cost Basis Election
Lit No: WC808
Revised: 09/01/2015
Form ID: 28970
Publish: 08/01/2016

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Aberdeen Asset Management
AIG Annuities - Fixed
AIG Annuities - Index
AIG Annuities - Variable
AIG Annuities - Variable NY
AIG Funds
Alger Funds
Alliance Bernstein
Allianz Global Investors
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
Allstate Life Insurance Company
Amana Mutual Fund
American Beacon
American Century Investments
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co.
American Funds
American General Life - Annuities
American General Life and Accident Ins. Co. (AIG)
American Realty Capital
American United Life
AMG Funds
Amundi Pioneer Asset Management
API Funds
Aquila Funds
Ariel Investments
Arrow Funds
Aspire Financial Services
ATEL Capital Group
Athene Annuity
Ave Maria
AXA Equitable - Annuities
AXA Equitable - Life Insurance
Behringer Harvard Securities
Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC
Berwyn Funds
Black Creek Group
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust
Bluerock Capital Markets
Bright Directions
Bright Start 529
Brighthouse Financial
Buffalo Funds
Burnham Funds
Calamos Investments
Calvert Investments
Cantor Fitzgerald --NEW--
Capital Management Group
Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT
Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT II
Catalyst Funds
Cavanal Hill Funds
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
CIM Group
CION Investments
Clark Capital
College Choice 529
Columbia Threadneedle
Community National Bank
Cottonwood Residential --NEW--
Country Financial
Cypress Leasing
Davis Funds
Delaware Investments
Delaware Life Insurance
Dodge & Cox
DoubleLine Funds
Driehaus Capital Management
Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel
Eagle Asset Management
Eaton Vance
Edgar Lomax
Edgewood Funds
Empire Financial Group
Evolv Capital
Fairholme Funds
Federated Investors
Fidelity & Guaranty Life
Fidelity Advisors
Fidelity Investments Institutional Wealth Services
First Eagle Funds
First Investor Funds --NEW--
Forethought Distributors
Forward Funds
Franklin Square Capital Partners
Franklin Templeton
FSC Securities Corp
FTJ FundChoice
Future Scholar
Gabelli Funds
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Grant Park Funds
Great-West Financial
Griffin Capital
Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc.
Harbor Funds
Hartford Investment Financial Svcs - Annuities
Hartford Investment Financial Svcs - Mutual Funds
Hartford Investment Financial Svcs College Plans
Hartford Life Insurance Company - Life Ins
Heartland Advisors
Henderson Global Investors
Hennessy Funds
Highland Capital Management
Highmark Funds
Homestead Funds
Horizon Investments
Huntington Funds
ICON Advisers Inc.
Infinity Funds
Inland Securities
Integrity (W&S Financial Group Distributors)-FA
Integrity (W&S Financial Group Distributors)-VA
Integrity Viking Funds
IVY Investments
J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp
J.P. Morgan Funds
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Jensen Funds
John Hancock Freedom 529
John Hancock Investments
John Hancock Life Ins Co - Life Insurance
Kansas City Life Ins
Keeley Funds
Learning Quest
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management
Liberty Trust Company
Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW)
Lightstone Capital Markets
Lincoln Financial Group - Annuities
Lincoln Financial Group - Life Ins
Lonestar 529
Loomis Sayles Funds
Lord Abbett & Co.
Loring Ward
Mainstar Trust
MainStay Investments
Manning & Napier
MassMutual - Annuities
MassMutual - Disability Income
MassMutual - Life
MassMutual - Long Term Care
Matthews Asia
MFS Investment Management
Midland National Life
Midland Retirement Distributors
Moody National REIT
MVP Reit
National Integrity (W&S Financial Group Dist) - FA
National Integrity (W&S Financial Group Dist) - VA
National Life Insurance Company
Nationwide Annuities
Nationwide Insurance
New York Life Annuities
NFS (National Financial Services)
Nicholas Family of Funds
Nuveen Advisory
Oakmark Funds
OCM Gold Fund
Ohio National - Annuities
OneAmerica Securities
Oppenheimer Funds
Pacific Advisors Fund
Pacific Funds
Pacific Life & Annuity (NY-Annuities)
Pacific Life & Annuity (NY-Life Insurance)
Pacific Life (Annuities)
Pacific Life (Life Insurance)
Pacific Life Magnastar
Parnassus Funds
Pax World Funds
Permanent Portfolio Funds
Perritt Funds
Pershing Advisor Solutions
Phillips Edison
Preferred Apartment Communities
Preferred Capital Securities --NEW--
Principal Financial Group
Principal Funds
Private Client Services
Protective Life Insurance Company
Provasi Capital Partners --NEW--
Prudential - M Group
Prudential Annuities
Prudential Annuities (Advanced Series)
Prudential Mutual Funds
Prudential Premier Investment
Prudential Premier Retirement
PruSecure Fixed Indexed Annuity --NEW--
Putnam Funds
Quaker Funds
Rainier Capital Management
RBC Capital Markets
Redwood Mortgage Investors
Reef Oil & Gas Partners LP
Reliance Standard
ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York
Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT
Rodin Global Property Trust --NEW--
Royal Alliance
Royce Funds
RS Investments
SagePoint Financial
Sammons Retirement Solutions
Saratoga Capital Management
Security Benefit Life
SEI (Trust 3000 Forms Only)
SEI (Wealth Platform Forms Only)
Selected Funds
Shopoff Realty Investments
Sierra Income Corporation
Sit Mutual Funds
Spire Investment Partners, LLC
Steadfast Capital Markets Group
Steben & Company
Strategic Equity Management
Strategic Storage Growth Trust
Strategic Storage Trust II
Strategic Storage Trust IV, Inc
Strategic Student & Senior Housing Trust, Inc
Sun Life of Canada - Annuities
TD Ameritrade
Terra Capital Partners
The Pacific Financial Group
Thompson IM
Thornburg Investment Management
Timothy Plan
Tocqueville Funds
Toews Corporation
Touchstone Investments
Transamerica Life Insurance Co - Annuity
Transamerica Life Insurance Co - Insurance
Transamerica Mutual Funds
TriLinc Global Impact Fund
Triton Pacific Investment Corporation & TB, LP --NEW--
Trust Company of America
US Bank
US Government
Van Eck Global
Vanguard Funds
Victory Funds
Virtus Funds
Voya - Annuities
Voya - Life Insurance
Voya Investment Management
W P Carey & Co.
Wasatch Funds
Waveland Energy Partners
WBI Investments
Weitz Funds
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
Westcore Funds
Western National - American General
Western National - US Life
WNC Housing Credit
Woodbury Financial Services, Inc
Yorktown Funds

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