Include forms automation in your offering!
Not only is Quik! easy to white-label and brand as your own, there are lots of benefits to a partnership with us:

  • Increase Revenue – add a new line of revenue to your bottom line with a profit margin that increases with volume.
  • Lower Costs – many of our partners replaced their own forms management with Quik! to save money and improve performance.
  • Enhance Features – adding seamless forms automation may greatly improve your product and ability to attract/retain customers.
  • High Profit Margin – because Quik! Forms are built in HTML, there are little to no tech support requests related to forms, which results in a larger impact on the bottom line.

Types of Partnerships

We offer both reseller and integrator partnership opportunities.

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Resellers make money by including Quik! as part of their solution (either white label/OEM or as the Quik! brand).

A reseller implements the Quik! product directly into their own software (see our Developers page) and can either embed Quik! as a standard/default feature (OEM) of their solution or as an add-on/upgrade feature.

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Integrators make money by selling more of their own product to users of a turnkey Quik! product (e.g. Quik! Transaction Manager).

There are two ways to integrate your product with Quik! – output data in the Quik! Launch format or ask Quik! to build direct integration to your solution. Quik! supports over 25 integration partners.

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Resources For Partners

Marketing Library - Browse our library of marketing collateral.
Marketing Kit - Download our marketing kit containing artwork, collateral, content and much more.

For more details on our partner program, please contact us.